Money Well Spent: 19 Subscriptions That You Won’t Regret Investing In

In these times, there is a plethora of subscription options available, with many requiring a monthly or yearly payment. Someone recently asked online, “What subscription is worth every penny?” We collected the 19 best responses.

Library Card

Library Card
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“We pay for it with taxes and not a subscription fee, but you get access to all the books and magazines in the world. Tons of databases. Learning resources. A nice cozy place to do work/study/read.”

“I love that you can transfer photos to their color printer for 25¢ a page. Plus, you can browse the internet for a maximum of 2 hours for free.”

Pet Insurance

Pet Insurance
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“My wife and I bought pet insurance for our puppy, and it has paid for itself multiple times over. It paid for most of her spay surgery and aftercare, and it still pays for almost all of her vet visits. It works the way that medical insurance for people SHOULD work.”

“Worth it! My boyfriend was skeptical when I signed our dogs up, but a year later, our dog broke his leg. What would have been over $12k cost us about $1500.”

AAA Roadside Assistance

AAA Roadside Assistance - Nicole Glass Photography _
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“Nice to have someone to come save you off the side of the road!”

“Roadside coverage through your auto insurance is probably way cheaper, but it definitely is not as good. AA is worth the peace of mind.”

“I’ve called them to change a flat in my own driveway because the tools I had weren’t strong enough to get the wheel off. They didn’t care.”

Rolling Stone Magazine

Rolling Stone Magazine - Ralf Liebhold _
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“In the 1990s, they offered lifetime subscriptions for $50. I got it, and I still get them free every month. When I move, I fill out a change of address form, and they keep sending them to the new residence. Over 25 years so far.”

“Magazines get money from selling ads, and they make more money with a higher subscription number. The actual buy rates are just a bonus.”

Spotify Family

Spotify Family - Primakov _
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“My dad got a Family Spotify account years ago that allows us to link four accounts over numerous devices. It was a special unlimited deal in the fairly early days of Spotify, so it’s only €60.00 in total per year. So, I’ve been paying €15.00 PER YEAR to have Spotify Premium, and it’s the best value I’ve ever had for anything in my life.”

“I pay the same. I would cancel all streaming before Spotify- it’s my favorite thing ever.”

AARP Membership

AARP Membership - chrisdorney _
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“I got one at age 24, and it’s saved me thousands of dollars in random deals. Cruises. Plane tickets. Restaurant discounts. Senior kickbacks on car rentals. Golf memberships. Hotel and casino comps. Monthly discounts on my cell phone. All for $16.00 bucks a year. In 18 years, $288.00 in fees has saved me over $15,000.”

“I just bought one. After three months, it paid for itself with the AT&T discount.”

Sip And Save (Circle K Beverage Subscription)

Sip And Save (Circle K Beverage Subscription)
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“I get my thermos full of coffee every morning. They have all the stuff I need for said coffee. It’s brewed fresh into your cup or container. It costs me $10 a month. Less than what I’d spend to make it at home. The store is also right in front of my bus stop.”

“It’s only $6 a month if you pay for it online.”

NYT Cooking

NYT Cooking - Postmodern Studio _
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“Only five bucks a month for solid recipes by world-class chefs. It’s well organized, has NO ADS, and the recipes are short/to the point blurbs about the food, not the chef’s life story. No more spending a bunch of time sifting through trash for a mediocre recipe.”

“A rep told me that I could subscribe to all of NYT extras (like cooking, wirecutter, books, etc.) for the same price of $5 per month. It’s awesome.”

Kindle Unlimited

Kindle Unlimited - Tada Images _
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“I got this from Amazon as I’m a bookworm and read at least 2-3 books a week.”

“A lot of the indie authors I love to read are only on Amazon and such. I love the library but have to have KU for my other books as well.”

“SO MUCH, YES! It has way more variety than any physical library!”

Trampoline Park

Trampoline Park - dboystudio _
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“I have a subscription to one. I’m 33, but I don’t care. Ten pounds a month, and it’s open every day. The best thing about it is that you get an insane cardio workout while having the time of your life. The most fun I’ve ever had while sober and fully clothed.”

“I got flashbacks to the Community episode where they find a hidden trampoline in the garden.”

Costco Club Membership

Costco Club Membership - Pajor Pawel _
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“Even if you don’t step foot in their stores, you’re still saving $0.20-.30 per gallon on their gas, which means you’ll make back that membership cost in less than a year.”

“It’s great if you need new tires. I ended up getting a membership a few years ago because the cost of membership + tires was the best deal around for the ones I needed.”

Hulu Forever

Hulu Forever - Ink Drop _
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“I’m typically rewatching ‘It’s Always Sunny’ or ‘Letterkenny.’ Hulu also has a decent selection of dubbed anime and some excellent original shows.”

“I will never give up Hulu because it has the Golden Girls! I have ad-free, and I was able to add Disney Plus for a couple of bucks more.”


Groupons - Casimiro PT _
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“I got a Groupon deal for a burger bar in my neighborhood. It was $144 for one free burger and fries every day for a year. You could select from a list of 10 burgers plus their rotating burger of the week. I made my money back in three weeks.”

“I love burgers enough; this would definitely benefit me (if they have a veggie burger). I think it’s the one food I could eat every day.”

Curiosity Stream

Curiosity Stream
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“It is $20 for the year! It’s an awesome streaming service of only documentaries.”

“Depending on where you live – some libraries have guest passes you can use through Hoopla.”

“This made my day! Thanks for sharing; I know what I will be watching for the foreseeable future!”

Gym Subscription

Gym Subscription
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“I have severe PTSD, and it gave me a structure and a sense of accomplishment since I am unable to work at the moment.”

“Yes! Mine also has free daycare, which is absolutely brilliant!”

“When I was laid off for a while, my gym subscription was so key to my mental and physical well-being while I managed the job search.”

AllTrails Navigation App

AllTrails Navigation App - _
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“Downloaded maps really saved me at Isle Royale when I got so excited about seeing a moose that I accidentally veered off the trail and could not see my way back.”

“I got turned around coming down from a small peak hiking in Joshua Tree at night, and thanks to All Trails, I found out I was going the wrong way. Lifesaver.”

Duolingo Language App

Duolingo Language App - mundissima _
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“By using it every day, I have acquired some self-confidence with my Spanish, sentence structure, conversation, etc. It is easy to use and good value.”

“I failed French. I thought I’d try Duolingo a month ago, but I got annoyed that I ran out of lives, so I tried the free trial for Super Duolingo. I don’t think I’ll go back. It’s a superb layout and gives you an awful lot of content and motivation to return daily.”

Dropout TV

Dropout TV - lev radin _
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“It’s a niche site that grew out of College Humor, specializing in nerdy game shows.”

“It is definitely the video streaming platform I use the most! I would cancel every other one I have before I canceled Dropout.”

“Yes! Dimension 20 is literally responsible for keeping my soul alive during the dark days of quarantine.”

Game Pass

Game Pass
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“I’ve been trying to reinstate my game pass subscription for the $1/month steal. I think Microsoft may have patched that now, though.”

“The Game Pass for PC gives me SO many games; it’s crazy. A game will sometimes be on there for free the day it’s released. They HAVE to be losing money on this deal.”

“I just won 14 days free with roll up the rim, but I have a PlayStation.”


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